Walking the drained beds of the Kaveri River

By Siddhi: 

Hey readers! I’m currently writing from Trichy, an ancient city in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. For the next three months, I will be working on researching and implementing solutions with various grassroots initiatives in rural education reform in Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. To read more about my trip, you can follow my personal blog at www.siddhisundar.com/journal, where I am trying to keep as active a journal as possible throughout the duration of my adventure. I will also be A Global Affair’s official India correspondent (that sounded really cool when I wrote it out!) for the next few months, so I’ll be posting various materials I find interesting.

Yesterday, my equally adventurous uncle and I walked across a drained Kaveri River, a large body of water that flows from the state of Karnataka through the Deccan Plateau, traversing much of South India before pouring into the Bay of Bengal. Once it starts to rain significantly again here in Trichy, the river will once again be brimming with water and life. This was one of those very rare and naturally intriguing circumstances where a combination of geography and timing allowed for a pretty unusual physical experience. We walked from the island of Srirangam to the central areas of Trichy by using the dried beds of the Kaveri River as a linkage. It was certainly a memorable time. Here are some pictures from the walk:

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