Heard Of A Dessert Called Buckle? Not Me!

By Lakshmi:

A recent issue of Oprah Magazine had a recipe for a Raspberry Buckle.  A buckle?  Isn’t that what appears on belts and shoes?  Is that really a type of food?  Yup. Not only is it a food, it is a dessert… and as a  presumed dessert connoisseur, I was clueless about this genre.

The recipe was even simpler.  Take some vanilla ice cream, blend it with self-raising flour and some oil, and presto, you have a cake base that gets topped with any or all of your favorite berries, gets baked for 30 minutes, and emerges as this amazing concoction to serve with coffee!

Simple, efficient and beautiful to look at.  Take a look at the picture above and tell me if you agree.

Have you baked a buckle? How do you think it is similar or different to other desserts in its genre?  And did you use ice-cream in your recipe or was that simply the genius of the cooking staff at Oprah Magazine?

I will keep away from new recipes and cooking magazines for a few days.  Because if I continue to bake at this rate, I may not be able to buckle my belt too much longer.

To see the recipe for the amazingly simple buckle we created with blackberries, click here:


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