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A Photo Essay On The Beautiful City Of Chicago

Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the US.  It has the best of what a big city offers with the perfect blend of mid-western friendliness and charm.  There are countless architectural wonders, amazing food, great art, museums and more.  This photo essay is a small capsule of what this city has to offer.  We also have a separate post on some of the reasons we are in love with this city at

Chicago 2 Chicago 3 Chicago 4 Chicago 5 Chicago 6 Chicago 9 Chicago 12 Chicago 15 Chicago 16 Chicago 18 Chicago 19

Chicago 7 Chicago 10


  1. I was so excited when I saw your posting of a photo essay on Chicago! Your photo essay reminds me of how amazing Chicago is. Thanks for bringing back memories of my home town in such beautiful photographs.

  2. Lollapalooza was so good this year. It was my first time in Chicago and the fest gave me a good excuse to walk around and see some beautiful parts of the town.

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