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Gothenburg, Sweden’s Second Largest City In Pictures

These pictures were taken during a summer week in Gothenburg.  This was a last minute trip to Sweden and we feel very blessed to have covered this culture-rich coastal city which we otherwise may have never visited.  To read more about visiting Gothenburg, please visit our posts on walking, visiting museums, seeing the archipelago and more…

Gothenburg 1

The street where we stayed and the very convenient trams

Gothenburg 2

The opera house

Gothenburg 3

A boat ride around the city

Gothenburg 4

A map showing some of the key neighborhoods

Gothenburg 5

A funky, colorful, enticing university building

Gothenburg 8

A home on the archipelago

Gothenburg 9

More waterside homes

Gothenburg 10

A walk through the heart of the city

Gothenburg 11

The theatre

Gothenburg 12

Sculptures dot the city

Gothenburg 12

Summer foliage in full bloom

Gothenburg 14

One of many stunning works at the Art Museum

Gothenburg 15

The Design Museum

gothenburg 16

A small section at my favorite store – DesignTorget

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