Castillo del Morro- A Picturesque Picnic Location

Castillo de Morro

By Rohan: 

You are never too old for a picnic. There is nothing quite like the feeling of basking in the sun’s rays while enjoying scrumptious sandwiches, delicious frozen drinks, and plenty of finger-friendly appetizers. Perhaps the best location for an outdoor meal is the Castillo del Morro, located in beautiful old San Juan. The fortress stands on the tip of a peninsula, guarding the city from invaders with its majestic stone walls and menacing cannons. After enjoying a delicious lunch in this perfect mix of man-made and natural beauty, we knew there was no question as to why the Castillo del Morro is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the world.

The Castillo del Morro is separated from Old San Juan by a large field that is considered historic land as it was the backdrop for several historical battles. Since the lawn is maintained with such diligence and care, seeing children running around, kites soaring in the sky, and families enjoying a nice meal is never a rare sight. We suggest checking out one of the quaint stores in Old San Juan. Here you can take out delicious sandwiches and soups as well as local specialties. For dessert, try to find one of the several frozen yogurt carts near the castle. Everything is made from local ingredients, and the pineapple flavor in particular tastes divine.

After you eat, feel free to explore the catacombs of the castle. One of the most exciting things to do is take pictures out of the various portholes. Some face the Atlantic Ocean while others offer breathtaking views of Old San Juan’s historic buildings. In addition, located adjacent to the castle is Puerto Rico’s largest cemetery. The cemetery is home to an array of significant tombstones as well as a building that serves as a commemoration to the dead. From the castle, you can get a fantastic bird’s-eye view of it all.

The Castillo del Morro also offers plenty of ways to let the kids have their own adventure. Tunnels, towers, and mazes can be found throughout the castle and the little ones are sure to be amazed when they run into an exotic animal or find a hidden passageway.

Perhaps the best part of the castle is its ability to bring locals and tourists together. Cruise ship passengers, business travelers on break, local families, and honeymoon couples can all be found on the field enjoying a memorable afternoon together.

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