Tokyo DisneySea – A Sea of Fun and Happiness

By Lakshmi: (Updated September 22, 2014)

Who?  Anyone who is a Disney fan, loves amusement parks/rides, wants to experience the magic of Disney in a foreign locale, is traveling with kids, wants to have fun or simply wants to observe how organized things are in Japan will appreciate this experience.

What? Tokyo DisneySea is one of two Disney amusement parks located in Tokyo, Japan.

How? Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are both conveniently accessible by trains and buses from many points in Tokyo.  We took the train to Tokyo station from Shimbashi and transferred over to the Keiyo line and got off at the Disney stop which is Maihama.  More details on getting there can be found at

Tickets can be purchased on site or for greater convenience many of the local convenience stores have vending machines that sell tickets.  We intended to go to Tokyo DisneySea, got our tickets at the vending machine and then decided to upgrade at the park to go to Tokyo Disneyland as well.

Why? “Mrs. Sundar, you have got to go to Disney Sea….It is one of the largest Disney parks in the world.”  This is what Siddhi’s friend Evan said to me when we declared we were headed to Tokyo for winter break.  As collective fans of Disney parks, we knew we would make it to Tokyo Disney.  However, when Evan started rattling off all the things that were so much better at DisneySea, we were convinced that we had to dedicate a significant chunk of time to this place

To sum it up in one word, Tokyo DisneySea was “fantabulous”.  The park is huge and the rides all appear larger than life.  We started with the Tower of Terror and used the single rider benefit to not just bypass the long lines, but also to go back on a couple of our favorite ones.  And speaking of favorites, we loved Journey to the Center of the Universe, riding in a mysterious vessel designed by Captain Nemo that took us through a world of shaking volcanos!  We went on Raging Spirits (steam, fire, rollercoaster, a 360 degree loop…are you tempted yet?), Indiana Jones Adventure, A Stormrider flight and more!

The park was so clean and well maintained that we literally did not see one speck of dirt or garbage anywhere.  The Japanese people are so orderly, that even in queues they were on their best behavior.   For example, when we stopped to watch the show, The Legend of Mythica, there was no screaming, no jostling, just an orderly march up to get into viewing spots.  When we stopped to ask directions, we would have someone escort us to our destination.  Not just an amazing park but incredible service as well.  The only flip side to all this?  We had to be extra careful that we were on our best behavior as well!

We were happy the whole time we were there.  There was not one moment where we were not smiling and looking forward to the next thing and if we had a month to spend in Tokyo, I am sure we would have made it there multiple times.  But given that we only had eight days in Tokyo, we did make it back the next day to Tokyo Disneyland.

To get tempted to visit the Disney parks in Tokyo, click here:

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