Khan el-Khalili Street Life

The following pictures were taken during the spring of 2010 in Cairo, Egypt at the Khan el-Khalili market, the famous bazaar district that draws in crowds of both locals and tourists on a daily basis. You can also read about our trip to the market here:

Locals right outside the market early in the morning.

Spices, spices, spices!

Cooking yams on the market streets.

Another yam-cooking apparatus. And a local looking onwards.

Friends talking at work. They were very animated as the crowds rolled in.

Pals. Just a typical morning for these strolling through a relatively empty market.

Jewelery in abundance. Seemed like a scene out of Arabian Nights.

A street side stall. Though most are set up on elevated tables, there are many vendors who make shop on the ground.

Spices galore. One of the most crowded shops at Khan el-Khalili.

Curiosity breeds the cats here in Cairo. They’re just everywhere.

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