Late Night Hunger Pangs Lead to the Discovery of Nanoosh in New York

By Lakshmi:

One evening, I was missing Siddhi and decided to meet up with her in New York City.  We caught up over coffee and a long walk. At 9:00 pm both of us were hungry for a late night snack.  We were passing by Nanoosh, a Mediterranean restaurant near NYU and on impulse walked in.

Like many restaurants in the area, we had passed Nanoosh several times and it always seemed to have the right combination of ambiance, food and people having a good time.  Since it was pretty late, we were one of a handful of people in the restaurant.  At this hour, we were “supposed” to have a snack not a full-blown meal, so we decided to order a Hummus Plate with warm chickpeas and whole wheat pita along with mint tea.

I’m not sure if it was the long walk that had made us hungry or the fact that the hummus was so good, but we really loved the freshness of the food and finished every bit of it (no…not even a crumb of pita was left behind).  Looking around, we saw people enjoying a quinoa salad (have I mentioned I am the queen of quinoa and eat it regularly), falafel and lebneh.  Isn’t life unfair?  I find a place with so many vegetarian options and chose to go there for a late night snack instead of a full-blown meal.

But, we will be back to savor more of their organic, good for you mediterranean food.  And this time, we have promised ourselves to go in hungry.

Build your appetite by just looking at their menu by clicking here:

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