Uniqlo – An Ode to Affordable Fashion in New York and Beyond

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone who loves to shop, loves well made clothing that can be trendy yet classic at the same time, loves playful T-shirts or wants to build an affordable wardrobe.

What? Uniqlo – A brand that originated in Japan,  has taken New York City by storm and is growing rapidly in the US.

How? Uniqlo’s flagship store in New York City is located at 5th Avenue, although I am partial to the Soho store where I first discovered this brand.  A complete listing of their stores can be found here.


Why?  I discovered Uniqlo during one of my routine walks around Soho.  I saw this big store with colorful displays and a ton of people milling around with their shopping bags.  It did not take more than 5 minutes in the store for me to me sold.  Dubbed the “Japanese GAP” by some, the first attraction was their skinny jeans.  I tried on a pair, looked in the mirror, and there I was looking like a different avatar of myself.  Soon, I was trying on shirts, sweaters and dresses and within an hour had walked out with two stuffed bags having spent a few hundred dollars.  I pretty much started living in these clothes.  The dresses and sweaters made their way to work and I lounged in my black and navy jeans all weekend.  I started singing their praise to friends and family, and soon they too were smitten.

I encouraged my husband to get lavender colored pants, and despite thinking I was nuts, he obliged and loved their fit.  Soon, my girls got hooked and now it has become a ritual.  Every so many months, a trip to New York will not be considered complete till we have shopped there.

This full blown romance with Uniqlo did go through a temporary dejection phase when a pair of jeans frayed prematurely.  My attempts to reach customer service fell on deaf ears till finally someone at the Soho store reached out and promised to replace my pants when I come into the store next.  I can’t wait to get in to round out my fall wardrobe on a budget.  On my list this time?  Colorful tights, more corduroy leggings  (thinking pumpkin) and of course their ultra light puffy jacket (maybe purple?) that folds into a carry along bag.

If you do end up at Uniqlo, we’d love to hear your feedback.  Happy Shopping!

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