Tortaria – A Fun Dining Spot in New York City


By Lakshmi:

A few weeks ago, we finally stepped into Tortaria, a Mexican style sandwich bar and tequila shop just south of Union Square.  We had passed by this place on many a walk around the area and always found it packed with people having a good time.

The first word that comes to mind when you step in to Tortaria is “fun”.  This is indeed a lively spot and the colorful decor inspired by Mexican bodegas certainly contributes to bringing the place alive.  Seated across the tables was a diverse audience.  A young couple with a precious toddler, a bunch of students from NYU, a family having a leisurely lunch and some singles who were mingling in the tequila bar area.

This is a self-service restaurant.  You go up to the counter, order your meals, pick it up and move to seat yourself to dine.  When we went up to order, I noticed a guy at the counter making fresh guacamole like it was a practiced art form. The avocados were gracefully pitted and mixed with all the other ingredients.  Regardless of what you order, please make sure to order the lip smacking guacamole.  Another must order item are the fresh tortas that are made on site.  If you are not ordering something with a torta, make sure to get some on the side.  Additionally, do try the white rice milk drink with cinnamon and sugar.  I forgot the name, but even though it does not sound appetizing, it was the most soothing drink on a hot summer afternoon.

There are multiple menus at Tortaria offering a wide variety of tortas, taquitos, ensaldas and sopas along with some really good sides.  For a group of vegetarians, we found plenty of options.  Additionally, the tequilas are raved about, but given our busy afternoon ahead, we did not indulge in these.

Tortaria is located at 94 University Place, New York, NY

Phone: 212.776.1830

To learn more about their menus, click here.

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