Upcoming Vacation in a Major US City? Get the Entertainment Book

Entertainment Book

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone who is planning a vacation in the US and wants to save money.

What? An Entertainment Book for the area you are visiting.

How? You can order an Entertainment Book for $35 -$50 depending on the area you are visiting.  Each book is filled with deals on local attractions, restaurants, fast food joints, local and national stores and much more.

You can review a list of books available and preview offers at


Coupons in the book can be used for over a year.

Why?  For many years, our family has purchased Entertainment Books for local savings and recovered the purchase price of the book typically with a single purchase.  We have also gifted these to friends and family.  From buying shoes to saving money at the movies, from getting 50% off or buy one get one free at many attractions, restaurants and events, the book has always provided oodles of savings.  Several years ago, we also got into the habit of purchasing these to help us subsidize our vacations.

Just recently, the $35 books for 2012 went on sale for $5 each and we scooped up two for our upcoming vacation.  Going through the list of things we want to do from jet skiing to parasailing to helicopter tours, the savings are adding up to well over a 1,000 dollars.

At Paupers, we believe in traveling without breaking the bank and for many years the Entertainment Book has been a key enabler on that front.

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