Shopping and Dining at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam

Restaurant at De Bijenkorf

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone who is visiting Amsterdam and wants to explore a local department store or wants to shop and grab coffee and dessert or better yet, like us wants to shop, have coffee and then end with a nice dinner.

What? De Bijenkorf, a department store chain in the Netherlands whose flagship store is in the heart of Amsterdam.

How? De Bijenkorf is located at Dam Square and can be reached by walking from many of the area hotels or Central Station.

Why?  Whenever we visit a country, I always make it a point to visit one large department store to get a feel for what the locals are into and buying.  From clothing to housewares to furniture, it is always fascinating to see what another place offers.  Since we have been to Amsterdam many times, we always pass by De Bijenkorf’s flagship store.  The first time, we actually walked through the ground floor and sat to grab coffee and dessert.  On another visit, after walking through the store, I noticed shoppers walking out with really nice neon green bags with the store’s logo.  I really wanted that bag and since I was not about to spend the minimal amount warranted to get the bag for free, I went to someone to ask if I could purchase it.  The sales person went away for a few minutes and upon her return handed me “the” bag saying that it would be a lovely reminder of my trip.  I could not be more elated with the service and my find.  On our last trip, we discovered that the store offered a restaurant with a plethora of food choices at the top-level.  So, off we went one evening, working our way through soup, pasta, sandwiches, noodles, juice, wine, coffee and dessert over the span of a few hours.  The very modern and stunning decor provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxing meal and the view of the Dam Square area seen from the windows was lovely.  The most welcome surprise was the quality of food which matched any good restaurant or better.

So, if you happen to be in Amsterdam with family or friends and each of you is in a mood to eat something different, the dining area at De Bijenkorf is a lovely choice.

2 thoughts on “Shopping and Dining at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam”

  1. Amsterdam is a city I visited when I was very young and have always wanted to return to. Thanks so much for sharing! I really hope to go back soon.

    I really enjoy your blog and posts. Definitely following for future updates.


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