Cape Comorin – A Jewel in the Southern Tip of India

Vivekananda Memorial Kanyakumari
Source: Wikipedia

By Lakshmi:

Cape Comorin also known locally as Kanya Kumari is indeed one of those jewels in the southern tip of India which is overlooked by many a tourist.  However, as a kid with family roots in southern India, this was a regular stop and it is such a special place that anyone visiting southern India should seriously consider spending at least a day here.

– First, Cape Comorin is where the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea all come together.  This confluence is just a special spot.  And to watch either sunrise or sunset or both here is indeed a very beautiful moment.

– Legend has it that one of the Indian goddesses, Kanya Devi did penance here to marry Lord Shiva and when he did not show up at the wedding, all the wedding preparations turned to stone.  At the beautiful temple dedicated to this goddess, you can see these stone objects.  Whether it is fact or fiction, the legend has been part of me since my childhood and a stop at this temple is always on my list.

– The most stunning aspect of Cape Comorin though is the Vivekananda Rock Memorial.  Dedicated to the spiritual leader Vivekananda, this memorial stands on two rocks away from the mainland.  Once you arrive at the location, there are at least three things bound to take your breath away.  1) Just standing at this memorial and looking at the vastness of the ocean surrounding you makes you feel like a small part of this universe. 2)  In the memorial, there is a meditation room lit only with a giant “Om” sign.  I have never seen a more peaceful spot on planet earth and even a few moments in this tranquil environment located in the ocean are very special. 3) On a rock here, there is a set of small footprints which are believed to be of the goddess when she did penance.  It is a revered spot and you can watch a throng of devotees line up to get a special glimpse.

Apart from all the spiritual, religious and natural attractions, there is another reason this place absolutely rocks.  It is an amazing spot to watch a sea of colorful humanity….from the small food stalls that serve piping hot meals to the vendors that sell sea shell trinkets to the women who sell flowers, the site will certainly be a treat for your senses.

Cape Comorin can be reached by train, bus or car from many major southern Indian cities including Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai and Trivandrum. Once you get there, you can take a ferry to the Vivekananda Rock Memorial.  To learn more about visiting, click here:

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