Villa Sassa – A Beautiful Hotel Overlooking a Lake and Hills in Lugano

Breakfast at Villa Sassa

By Lakshmi:

Who?  If you are visiting Lugano, Switzerland and want to spend a day or a night or even just grab a meal at a lovely hotel with spectacular lake and hill views.

What? Villa Sassa is a beautiful hotel with spacious apartment style rooms in the heart of Lugano, the Italian speaking region of Switzerland.

How? Villa Sassa is located about an hour from Milan’s Malpensa airport and within 20 minutes of Lugano airport.

Villa Sassa Hotel, Residence & SPA, Via Tesserete 10, CH-6900 Lugano – Switzerland

Tel.  +41 (0)91 911 41 11

Why?  I have stayed at this property multiple times over the last several years.  On each stay, I have been greeted by a very efficient staff and the multi-room apartments have been way extremely spacious for a solo traveler.  On multiple occasions, I have asked for wake up calls and coffee at four o’clock am to get to Milan for an early morning flight and the service has been spot on.  This is where I have practiced my few sentences of known Italian to an incredibly friendly staff.

While the hotel has a spa and a gym (I have used the latter), to me what is really special is the restaurant overlooking the lake.  When you are up early in the mornings and head over for breakfast, the lake view from the garden blooming with flowers is just breathtaking.  At night, when the lights come on, it appears as though the view was simply draped with a multi-tier beaded necklace.

While it is a pricey property, you can always go there to have breakfast or dinner and the food has always been simple and fresh.

To learn more about Villa Sassa, click here:

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