My Gurus in Earning Miles and Points – Thank You For Enabling Us Everyday

By Lakshmi:

Our blog followers know by now that the way we fund our travels is mostly through accumulating miles and points by traveling and of course earning the same without flying via credit card purchases, promotions, etc.

For many years, we have done just fine with earning points and bonuses by flying with the same airline/staying with the same hotel chains, using credit cards/online portals for purchases, etc. and funded many trips to exotic locales around the world.  But these five “Gurus/Sites” have taken our awareness state to an “enlightened” level.

These experts are so passionate about traveling for free, that they leave no trick unturned to uncover ways to travel for little to no money.

So, without further elaboration, here are the five individuals/sites that I read each day to ensure that I am not missing out on any good deals out there.  Rick Ingersoll aka the frugaltravel guy features all the latest news on the way to earn points and miles.  As a former banker, Rick has loads of advice on credit card churning, optimizing returns on credit cards, stories on how people including him and his family have traveled for free and of course tips on making the most out of each opportunity. Daraius and his wife Emily have accumulated and redeemed millions of miles and his stories always make me feel a little bit stupider for not taking advantage of opportunities that could be staring at me in the face.  I mean that as a sincere compliment.  This website is a compilation of frequent travelers who not only bring us deals, but also blog about their airline/hotel/car rental experiences.  Amusing reading and lots of tips.

–  I read this site with a mix of awe, envy and respect.  Can anyone take points earning to a state of art and science at the same time?  Sure, if you are thepointsguy.  The posts are so detailed and so well articulated, that it is almost a primer come guidebook for both the novice and experienced mile collector.  I just recently started reading this site and I have to say that this site comes closest to a management consulting firm in terms of detailing how you can travel for less.  The writer has a ton of personal stories that span the gamut from how he traveled to Machu Picchu for a fraction of what it would cost (his notes are on my to do list!) to how routine gift card purchases can add rewards to your kitty.

Thanks to each of these individuals/sites, we have been educated to be even savvier to enable us to continue to do what we love to do – travel!

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