Grom Gelato – So Worth a Visit in New York City

Grom Menu

By Lakshmi:

My first exposure to Gelato was on my maiden trip to Milan when a friend introduced me to the best that the city had to offer.  Grom was one of the stops we made in my journey into sampling a rich array of flavors from a variety of gelato shops, including several artisanal ones.

When Siddhi started college in New York, I was excited to note that there was a Grom in the vicinity.  Recently on a warm day, walking around the Village, we had a chance to stop by at Grom to see if the gelato served locally could hold a candle to the original that we had savored in Italy.  To start off, we ordered the dark chocolate with orange.  The marriage of the dark chocolate and orange flavors was just perfect, the taste buds dancing with joy with every spoonful of this decadent treat making its way in.  Most importantly, the flavor of the dark chocolate was identical to what I had tasted in Milan.  We went on to have the Caramello al sale flavor which I have to say was ok but not as decadent as its dark chocolate brethren.  With a heavy lunch already tucked away, I did not get a chance to compare the flavors of the Pistacchio and Nocciola, but these and many more are awaiting us on our next trip this summer.

Grom has multiple locations in the New York City area, and is so worth a visit.  To learn more about these locations and about the flavors offered, click here.

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