The Amsterdam Dungeon- An Interactive Horror Adventure

By Siddhi: 

Who?  For the thrill-seekers in Amsterdam who want to venture into a dark and graphic tapestry of a city whose history has been painted by terror in its early ages.

What? The Amsterdam Dungeon, an 80 minute multimedia exploration consisting of live actors putting on simulations, a ride, a movie, twisted history depictions, mazes, and uber realistic, hair-raising renditions of some of the most frightening torture methods and scenarios in Dutch history.

How?  The Dungeon is located very close to Dam Square at Rokin 78, 1012 KW, Amsterdam. The walk from Central Station to the site is about fifteen minutes long. You can also take either the 4, 9, 15, 16, or 24 tram lines to the Rokin stop.

Why? Usually, these companies that try to hyperbolize a situation and turn it into often hokey entertainment aren’t that appealing to me. But because we had some extra time in the city, we decided to give the Amsterdam Dungeon a shot, especially since I am such an immense fan of anything that markets itself as an adrenaline pumper in hopes that for even just a little bit, I’ll experience something sensual. And the Dungeon didn’t disappoint. I was whisked through five centuries of terrifying Dutch history encompassing the deadly Spanish Inquisition and the Great Plague among other keystone periods. What I had learned about in the textbooks of my eighth grade world history class was now being manifested in a thrilling experience. There are several attractions that bring to life the horror, including an interrogation scene called Torture: The Bloody Inquisition, a dock bar presentation called VOC, an excellent maze of mirrors titled Labyrinth of the Lost, and a roller coaster called Reaper: Drop Ride to Doom that takes you through the world of the Grim Reaper in the 13th century and provides a fantastic finale to the the whole adventure. For what we paid, the Amsterdam Dungeon was not only exhilarating, but also informative. It’s definitely an experience worth checking out if you want to do something unusual in the city.

To learn more about the Amsterdam Dungeon, you can visit their site here:

One thought on “The Amsterdam Dungeon- An Interactive Horror Adventure”

  1. If you are into paranormal amusement parks, make sure to check out the London Dungeon if you are in that neck of the woods. It’s definitely an informative and thrilling way to spend a half day in the city!

    – Rohan

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