A Half Day 26 Glacier Cruise – Prince William Sound, Alaska

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone who is visiting Alaska, has a stop in Anchorage, has a day to spare and would love a day filled with indescribable beauty.

What? 26 Glacier Day Cruise offered by Phillips Cruises and Tours.

How? You can do what we did, which is rent a car and drive an amazingly picturesque 60 miles from Anchorage to Prince William Sound to catch the cruise or take a train or motor coach to Prince William Sound.  The cruise costs $139 for adults, $79 for kids and there is a $19.95 tax.  The Alaska Tour Saver Book offers buy one get one free coupons making the whole experience more affordable.

Why?  First, the ride from Anchorage to Prince William Sound along the Seward Highway provides absolutely stunning vistas.  Once you get to Prince William Sound, you board a five-hour cruise to see the 26 glaciers.  The glaciers are absolutely spectacular, the hues in their color just hard to put into words and standing aboard the deck literally within touching distance of these glaciers is magnificent.  We actually saw blocks of ice break off and fall into the water.  While the intent of the tour is certainly to see a number of glaciers, the journey offers so many more compelling reasons on why a visit to Alaska must be on everyone’s radar.  We saw bald eagles, harbor seals, killer whales, sea otters and a mountain goat all in their natural habitat.  We saw more flora and fauna per square inch than most other places.  While we spotted many of these on our own, our park ranger navigator’s commentary helped us see so much more.  Please do bring a pair of binoculars, maybe a couple or you are stuck waiting to borrow one from your neighbor and risk missing a sight!

To learn more about the 26 Glacier Cruise, click here:


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