Chicago – You Are One of My Favorite Cities in the US


By Lakshmi:

Chicago will always make my list of  favorite cities in the US.  Besides my annual sojourn for work every year (right after Thanksgiving and before Christmas), I have had the opportunity to visit this beautiful city across seasons a multitude of times.  Here are the things I love MOST about Chicago (Not in any particular order).  And my apologies ahead of time to everyone who has a zillion more things they love about this city that I have missed.  Please share those!

– Chicago gets my vote as one of the most beautiful cities year round.  But, I am partial to the fact that even when compared to New York, the city is absolutely the most beautiful city around the Christmas holidays.  The entire stretch of the “Golden Mile” along Michigan Avenue is a sight to behold.

– I love to walk and Chicago is a paradise for walkers.  Be it window shopping along the extensive store fronts of Michigan Avenue, walking along the waterfront, lazing in one of the city’s many parks or just exploring its various downtown bylanes dotted with restaurants, it is a walker’s paradise.

– Cloud Gate, the beautiful sculpture also known as “The Bean” by the Indian born-British artist Anish Kapoor is an absolutely stunning piece of work, a crowning glory of Millenium Park.

– The multitude of water tours offered are just a superb way to take in the city.  I am partial to the architectural tours that show you all the key buildings and tell you about the history and the architects and the impact Chicago’s preeminent architects are having with their building creations around the world.  No matter what tour you take, the city’s beauty will leave you wanting more.

– As a foodie, how can you not love a city that offers the best of every kind of cuisine known to mankind?  A personal highlight is of course the local specialty of Chicago Deep Dish pizza.

– The people.  Coming from the east coast of the United States, the friendliness of the midwest is just a welcome, soothing balm to the people you encounter in the New York/New Jersey areas.

– The world-class museums.  The Art Institute has an amazing collection spanning a multitude of periods and I can’t wait to see their latest Roy Lichtenstein exhibit.  The Field Museum is a must do for adults and kids and is home to Sue, the largest, best preserved T-Rex ever discovered.

– Lollapalooza, how could I ever forget rocking with my kids (a few feet away from the stage) at the Eminem concert?

– Spending time around Navy Pier and kicking back to watch the fireworks at night.  Another stunning way to experience the city.

– Every time I return, there is always a new aspect of the city waiting to be discovered, making me fall in love with it all over again.

2 thoughts on “Chicago – You Are One of My Favorite Cities in the US”

  1. Dear Lakshmi, Thank you for writing such a beautiful post about Chicago, my home town. It makes me miss home, but I am thankful that I found such a lifelong best friend in you here in New Jersey. love, Bess

    1. Thank you Bess! It is indeed lovely to get your endorsement. You’ve got to write an “Insider’s Post” on your home town that we can share with all our readers. Put that on your to-do list my best friend.

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