Big Onion Walking Tours – A Great Way to Experience New York City

Image from Big Onion Walking Tour Website

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone interested in food, culture, history and walking around New York City.

What? The Big Onion Original Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour.

How? Sign up with Big Onion Walking Tours for a two-hour walking/eating extravaganza for $18 plus $5 for food.

Why? New York , the hub of America’s immigrant community, presents a plethora of food of every kind imaginable.  As travel buffs and foodies, we loved the fact that in just two hours, we could get an overview of the Jewish, Italian, Chinese and Dominican neighborhoods lining the lower east side and nosh on food from each of these communities along the way.  Dubbed some of the best walking tours in New York City, Big Onion offers a number of walking tours to cater to a variety of interests, enabling you to better understand the city.

You can find more information about the tours at and also sign up by calling 888-606-WALK

4 thoughts on “Big Onion Walking Tours – A Great Way to Experience New York City”

    1. Thanks for writing. I can still taste the amazing pickles and parmesan cheese. Makes me want to go back. And if you do the tour, please let us know your experience.

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