Born with a Sweet Tooth – Sweden Rocked with its Candy

Marabou Milk Chocolate

By Lakshmi:

Siddhi and I are fanatics for chocolate, candy and for that matter anything sweet.  So, part of any adventure local or long distance involves a healthy dose of chocolate, candy and dessert.  And Sweden was no exception.

We stopped at grocery and convenience stores and picked up all kinds of candy for consumption as snacks, including that national obsession called licorice.  Naive me…..I thought Twizzlers was synonymous with licorice till I got to Sweden….and here you have all kinds of licorice including salt licorice!  And when Siddhi’s new friend Clarinda gave her a bag filled to the brim with candies, she singlehandedly finished the bag, leaving me one solitary Geisha (a chocolate).

Thanks to our exploration and Clarinda’s recommendation, here’s what we picked up to bring back home.

– Marabou Milk Chocolate:

– Marabou Jordgubb:  A yummy chocolate with strawberry.

– Marabou Apelsin krokant: Chocolate with orange

– Marabou Polka: The yummiest combo of chocolate with crunchy pieces of mint

– Fazer Geisha: Milk chocolate with hazelnuts

– Marabou Premium 70% cocoa orange:  Dark chocolate with orange

– Malaco Gotte Blandant Exotic Fruits:  A fruit snack

– Malaco Gotte Blandat Sursot:   Chewy fruit candy

– Malaco Favorite Mix: Chewy fruit candy

– Bilal Dubbel Dackare: A chewy candy

– Bilar Chewy Candy Cars in Original and Sour

Now in Sweden, since I was walking around so much all day, partaking all of this candy posed no problems.  Controlling my sweet tooth with all this temptation in a more sedentary environment will be a challenge!

If you are born with a sweet tooth and have a favorite candy or chocolate, we would love to hear from you!

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