To Buy or Not to Buy – The Gothenburg City Card? Or a One or Three Day Travel Card?

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone visiting Gothenburg for a day or more and looking for a way to save money.

What?   The Gothenburg City Card offers free access to all public transportation as well as free entrance to a variety of attractions throughout the city.  It costs adults 355 SEK for 24 hours or 495 SEK for 48 hours.  The one day Travel Card costs  80 SEK and the three-day version is 160 SEK.

How?  You can buy the City Card at the local tourist offices or most hotels.  The Travel Card can be purchased at stores throughout the city, including 7-11’s, tobacco shops, supermarkets, etc.

Why?  These cards do save you money, but you need to figure out what you are interested in doing prior to splurging.  As we did our analysis, we realized that many of the museums we wanted to visit were free for those under the age of 25, and for me, I could just get a museum card for 40 SEK with access to 5 museums.  This lead us to conclude that the City Card was not a great value in our situation.  Additionally, given that we had a week in Gothenburg, we wanted to have complete access to transportation for at least three days as we covered far-flung parts of the city.    For these reasons, we chose to buy the 3 day Travel card for 160 SEK along with a museum card for me.  The total outflow for these was 200 SEK, cheaper than the alternative.  For the remaining couple of days, depending on our plans, we may either buy a one day Travel Card, or simply pay as we go.

PS.  One important note – Please do not store your Travel Card near a phone.  I did and demagnetized the card within a day.  Next I had to find out who would fix this for me.  Our hotel recommended the local ticket seller who said he could do nothing, and I needed to take it back to where I purchased it from.  When I went there, they wanted my receipt.  When I went back with my receipt, they said they could do nothing and directed me to the Vasttrafik office.  Here they finally gave me a slip of paper that noted my card validity for two more days.  So, do yourselves a favor, and keep your card carefully!

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