A Visit to the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen – An Ode to Danish Contribution to Modern Design

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone who loves modern design and knows about or would like to learn more about the Danes who have made history with their creativity.

What?   The Danish Design Center located in the heart of Copenhagen.

How?  Take the metro to Kongens Nytorv or the train to Central Station and walk in the direction of Tivoli gardens.

Why?  A discussion of modern design would be incomplete without mention of the great Danish designers/architects including Jon Utzon (Sydney Opera House) and Arne Jacobson (The Egg Chair and more) and companies including Georg Jensen and Bang & Olufsen.  As an admirer of design and a wishful thinker of an alternate career in the arena, a stop at the Danish Design Center is a feast for the eyes.  The place bills itself as “Denmark’s knowledge centre for design”.   At the Denmark by Design exhibit, you can trace the evolution of Danish design from 1845 to 2010.   I swooned over chairs by Arne Jacobsen and Niels Hvass.  Yet another exhibit titled” Hello Materials” speaks visually to the evolution of materials and the recent consciousness about the environment.  The gift shop offers an eclectic mix of objects and books for the home.   If you come in at a time for refuelling, Cafe Dansk is a great place to get a snack and coffee and multiple flavors of Danish licorice.

To learn more about the Danish Design Center, click here:


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