Earn Bonus Points/Miles/Cash Back with a Little Homework when Shopping Online


By Lakshmi and Siddhi:

Just recently I discovered what mile and point junkies have known for a long time.  That shopping online at your favorite sites with just a bit of planning can add a lot of bonus points to your frequent flyer/hotel/cash back accounts.

So, last night as my daughter had to get a couple of dresses for formal events at school, off I went to evreward.com to check the deals they had.  Evreward is a shopping portal where you can go to a single site and look at all the deals available for your favorite store.  It lists coupon codes, special offers from Visa/Mastercard and most importantly the loyalty program rewards you can get for your purchase with that merchant.  Here’s how my much-needed purchase translated into over a 1000 points gained.

  • Since I have a Chase Sapphire card, it showed me that if I went to Chase’s Ultimate Rewards portal, I would get 10 points per dollar if I shopped through that link.

  • So using my credit card’s user id and password, I got to the site and went to the Kohl’s site from there.

  • Once we had selected the dresses, I used the 20% off plus free shipping coupon code listed on evreward and got the discount off my purchase.

  • When I checked out, I used my Chase Sapphire card to charge my purchases.

So, while it might seem like a lot of work to get a few points, it took exactly 5 extra minutes for me to do the research, get the codes and be on my way.

In those 5 extra minutes, instead of getting 100 points for charging $100 on my credit card, now I will be 1000 points richer and have saved 20% off my purchase and got free shipping as well.

Going forward, I plan to do a check at evreward prior to any online purchase. While I do not plan to shop more because of the points, I certainly hope to make every dollar spent on every day purchases count towards our ultimate goal – to travel for less.

To learn more about the evreward, click here.


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