Brave the Truckee – A Wet and Wild Way to See Tahoe

Truckee River Rafting

By: Rohan 

Who?  For anyone, but especially thrill-seekers, interested in experiencing the beauty of Lake Tahoe through an adventure.

What?   In the middle of a dense forest in Lake Tahoe, California is the ferocious Truckee River, its white water cascading through protruding boulders and fallen trees. The concept is simple. Hop aboard a bright blue raft and grab some oars before adventuring down miles of raging rapids. Only catch is, there is no one to hold your hand. You are alone on what is considered category three rapids and navigating the waters can be difficult for newcomers. The water at first is quiet… too quiet. As you venture into the darkness of the canopy of trees, the current picks up the pace and before you know it, you are careening down the river on Mother Nature’s ultimate water slide. On your way you will pass lush forest flora and see birds flying overhead.

How?  Several companies offer the rafting adventure. Among them are Truckee River Rafting.

Why? There are many ways to see the gorgeous Lake Tahoe. You could take a ferry from one side of the lake to the other. You could ride the cable car to the top of the main mountain and see the lake from a birds-eye view. When I visited the picturesque site, I found embracing nature in the purest way would be the easiest and most exciting way to explore an unpredictable environment.  I highly recommend Truckee River Rafting to both visitors and residents of the Lake Tahoe area as it offers a fresh break from commercial tourism and allows you to become immersed in all nature has to offer. You will see animals native to the land and splash past strange plants. Not to mention, you will get soaked. Top to bottom. Guaranteed.

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